Dish Gallery

Dish Gallery

The dish gallery is where you see all your saved and downloaded prints. 

If you receive a new Foodini and the dish gallery is empty, login with a cloud account and get the recommended first prints in Foodini World.

Top Menu Bar Explained

If you do not have a dish selected, this will be your top menu bar:

 = Choose file - See Account Settings (for importing dish backups) and Sharing Dishes.
 = Foodini World

If you do have a dish selected, this will be your top menu bar:

 = Delete
 = Duplicate
 = Edit
 = Choose file - See Account Settings (for importing dish backups) and Sharing Dishes.
 = Foodini World

All prints that you create can be edited. 

Foodini World

Explore a whole new world with Foodini World!
You must be logged in with a cloud account in order to access Foodini World. 

Along with your Foodini 3D food printer, you will get free access to the online Foodini World, the place where you can see the latest and greatest recipes, fillings and creations. Browse dishes directly from Foodini World and download the ones you like to your Foodini account, where you can edit and further customize dishes to make the perfect print just for you. 

To enter Foodini World, tap the Foodini World icon (  ) on the right side of the top menu bar:

If the Foodini World icon is not clickable and greyed out:

then you are not logged in with a cloud account. Log in with a cloud account in order to access Foodini World.

When the Foodini World icon turns green, you are inside Foodini World! We recommend tapping refresh (  ) to make sure you see all the dishes available.  

 = sort alphabetically or in reverse
 = sort by last modified time: most recent first or in reverse

Locked Dishes That Cannot be Unlocked

Some dishes are locked, and you will not be able to unlock them. This is indicated by a lock symbol (  ) in the top right of the gallery dish image:

The print cannot be edited: the edit (  ) function is not accessible.

Locked prints are optimized to use the indicated ingredient for the particular shape size in the dish; use the same nozzle size(s) as shown in the dish. However, you can use another ingredient as long as it has a similar texture. For example, if the stated ingredient is mashed potato, you can try the same print with a similar ingredient, like a thicker hummus. 

Dishes you can Unlock

Dishes that have a lock symbol (  ) in the lower right of the gallery dish image can be unlocked:

When the lock symbol is shown, the edit (  ) function is accessible and you will be able to edit the dish, but you will not be able to save any changes: the save button will be greyed out and not accessible. This is useful for prints like Happy Birthday Name, but changing the individual's name as needed: the print will remained locked and unchanged for future use.

How to Lock or Unlock a Dish, and Add Dish Details 

Choose the print you want to lock by single click/tap: you only want to highlight the dish, not open it. The bottom bar will turn green, like this:

Click anywhere on the green bar, and this screen will pop up:

Here you can edit the dish name, add tags to use in search, and add notes. Notes are not used in search results. All search terms that you want associated with the dish should be in tags or the dish name. You do not need to use hashtags (#) in tags, although you can. You can list tags on separate lines, and/or separated by commas, and/or by simply adding a space between words. 
Tap the lock slider to lock (green) or unlock (grey) the dish:

Dish Gallery Pictures

You can change the dish gallery picture. Tap Thumb  to upload your preferred image:

Foodini will auto scale the image, but if you would like to retain total control and avoid any distortion, size the image to 300x200. Low file sizes are best. Our Thumbnail images are normally in the range of 10kb to 100kb. 
Do note that if you edit the dish and save it, the custom thumbnail will be overwritten with a render image of the print.
If you are going to edit the dish, and thus the image will be overwritten, you can first download the image (  ) ... :

... then once your edits to the dish are done, you can change the thumbnail (  ) with the image you previously downloaded.

Update Dish Gallery

To update your dish gallery or download recipes, tap refresh (  ).
If you get an error message saying Unable to update recipes,

Check the following: 
  1. Make sure you are connected to WiFi.
  2. Make sure you use the correct User name.

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