Account Settings

Account Settings

Enter account settings via the menu (   ), and tap  Settings.

Forget Me

That username, all associated prints and data are removed from that particular Foodini. Useful for if you are using a Foodini that is not yours: for example, you are a guest chef at another restaurant and you log in to get your prints, and when you leave you want to erase your username and prints from that Foodini.

Master Reset 

Reset to factory settings and forget all accounts, all associated prints and data. All usernames are removed. 

Backup Dishes

Creates a backup of your dishes as seen in dish gallery. Create a backup with a laptop or desktop connected to Foodini. Creating a backup will download a zip file called "recipebackup". When you unzip it, you'll see the files of all your dishes. (.json files.)

To import an individual dish from a backup, go to dish gallery, and tap the choose file icon ( ). Pick the dish you want to import, and it will be added to the dish gallery.

If you want to import all your dishes, see Restore Dishes, below. 

If you want to save and share one individual dish, you can do so with the save option in print preview. See sharing dishes

Restore Dishes

Be very careful with this functionality as you may end up duplicating your dishes.

It's best to use this functionality if you are copying dishes from a Local Account to a Foodini Account. 

When you tap restore dishes, use the zip file called "recipebackup" as described in the backup dishes section above. This functionality only uses zip files.  

Restart Foodini

This is not a factory reset, but rather powers Foodini down, then brings it back up. 


Choose from English (default), Spanish or Chinese. 

Disabled Capsules

Tells Foodini to stop using a particular capsule bay
In the example below, only bay 1 and bay 5 are active. 



Adjust Camera

When you first receive/use Foodini, transport Foodini, or when scanning results aren't as expected, you should adjust the camera. This is for 3D scanning an object and  discovering the height of a dish or print surface - when printing on top of an object, e.g., a plate or a cookie.
We recommend covering the transparent part of the door during the camera adjustment so there are no changes in lighting during the process. If you get an error "Information : There was an error calibrating err=400", covering the transparent part of the door so light does not get through will fix the error.
Tap ADJUST NOW, following the onscreen instructions, and then TAKE BACKGROUND IMAGE.

You can take a background image without having to first adjust now, assuming that a one prior point you did Adjust Now. For example, if you are discovering the height of a print surface and didn't get the expected result, you can take the background image without first doing adjust now.

Nutritional Information

See the nutritional information of your prints. This feature is in beta. 

Cloud Sync

You need a cloud account to use this feature. Puts all your your dishes as seen in dish gallery in the cloud as well as locally on your Foodini. You can log into any other Foodini with your cloud account and see your dish gallery.

Allow Remote Access

To control Foodini remotely - limited functionality. (This is in beta and for selected customers only.)

Upload usage stats and upload crash logs

Help us make Foodini better! Please enable these two settings so we can receive analytics to improve Foodini.

High Detail Prints

Adds more points to each print, in essence adding more detail. This may result in slower print times. For use mainly with smaller nozzle sizes. 

Blink Lights

When a print is completed, Foodini will continuously blink the internal lights to grab your attention. To stop the blinking, open the door or tap the inside light icon in print status. Great for large and/or loud commercial kitchen environments. 

Layers Preview

Some of our customers that use STLs ask to see G-codes. Foodini goes beyond the scope of G-codes, and as such, G-codes aren't available. However, if you want to see how each layer of the STL will print, activate layers preview. This will show you an animation in print preview of each layer that will be printed. Note that this feature works with STLs only.

Local Network Access

For use when connecting to Foodini from another device. Depending on your environment, you may want to de-activate this mode. For example, if you have an open WiFi network in a supermarket and Foodini is in use in the cafe area. De-activating this setting will not allow customers on the store WiFi to tap into Foodini.

Advanced Settings

Must receive a code from a Natural Machines team member to activate. These are for expert settings; normally used for remote diagnostics/assistance only. 

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