Foodini Creator: Types of Accounts

There are two different types of accounts you can have in Foodini Creator:

* Backup in the Cloud requires you to turn ON Cloud Sync in Settings.

You can have both types of accounts on the same Foodini.

Creating a New Cloud Account

To create a new cloud account, first make sure you are logged out from any other user account.

Enter the sign up area by tapping "Do you need an account? Sign up now!":

Fill in the requested details:

A few things to note:
  1. The user name cannot have any spaces. 
  2. The password box will not turn green (accepted) until you successfully complete both password boxes.
If you are getting "stuck" on the user field and the box stays red and says Not available no matter how many variations you try, then you are not connected to the internet. Connect Foodini to WiFi and try again.

Once you have completed all the information and you sign up, you'll see this:

To complete the sign up, go to your email and click the verification link:

You will see a confirmation page:

Your Cloud Account is now ready to use. Remember that if you want to backup to the cloud - which will also allow you to login and see your dishes on any Foodini - you will need to turn ON Cloud Sync in Settings:

If you want to log into a different Foodini and access your cloud files, make sure that Foodini has Cloud Sync ON as well. 

Logging in to a Cloud Account

Enter your user name and password; be sure to activate Cloud Account so that you can enter your password:

Using a Cloud Account without WiFi

If you want to use your cloud account dishes without access to WiFi (no internet), you must first be logged in to your cloud account - which does require access to WiFi in order to log in. If you will turn Foodini off and later turn it back on again in a non-WiFi area and you want to have Foodini turn on with access to your cloud account, make sure that when you log in Remember me is ON:

This way you can still use your dishes even without WiFi/ internet access.

Deleting a Cloud Account

To delete a local account, go to account settings and use Forget Me.

If you have dishes in your local account that you want to move to a cloud account, or vice versa, create a backup

Local Account

Logging into a local account

You only need to enter your user name. The password functionality does not apply to Local Accounts; make sure that the Cloud Account toggle is off:

Creating a new local account

You can use any user name for a local account. 

Deleting a local account

To delete a local account, go to account settings and use Forget Me.

If you have dishes in your local account that you want to move to a cloud account, or vice versa, create a backup

Legacy local account

In the past, Natural Machines provided user names to each user. This system has been phased out. All users now create their own Cloud accounts via the method above. 

If you have a legacy login (only applies to users that received a Foodini prior to April 2021), your user name is not your email address. You should have received your user name from Natural Machines via email. If you do not know your legacy user name, please open a support ticket to request it.

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