Print Status Functions

Print Status Functions

The print status screen will show while Foodini is printing. You can also get to the print status screen by selecting menu (  ), then Print Status ( ). 

Inside Light On/Off

The light should be on automatically when it's needed, but if it's off when you want it on - tap this icon.

Open Door 

In addition to using the button on the front door of Foodini, you can open the door using this icon. Note that the door will not open while Foodini is printing.

Plate Rotation 

Once your recipe is printed, why not give it a spin? Tapping this icon rotates the plate 360 degrees = 1 spin.

Inside Camera 

Foodini has a camera inside - tap the icon to activate, the screen will go into full-screen mode. To turn off the camera, tap the video on screen.


This will take you to the settings screen.

Expanded Menu

The arrow (  ) on right side expands the menu:

Live Print Adjustments

You can modify certain print settings while Foodini is printing. This is an advanced setting, please become familiar with the basics of Foodini before using these settings.
These 4 settings are meant to make small adjustments as you are printing to perfect your current print only. They are not meant to make large adjustments. 
Caution: Once you tap to increase or decrease the setting, you need to wait a few seconds to see the effect. Do not tap repeatedly!!
If you want to save live print adjustments for subsequent prints, you'll need to update the relevant ingredient advanced settings. 

There are 4 settings that you can adjust while printing:
1. Lower/Raise Nozzle
2. Ingredient Flow Multiplier
3. Print Speed Multiplier
4. Temperature

Lower/Raise Nozzle

Increase or decrease the current height of the nozzle. For example, if you see that the nozzle is printing into the previous layer and accumulating product around the nozzle tip, you can increase this setting to raise the nozzle.
If you decrease this setting at the start of the print, you may print below the current print layer or below the printing surface (plate, silicone mat, custom plate). If you try to print below the printing surface, you will damage Foodini. 
If you print below the ingredient layers below, you will damage your print.

Ingredient Flow Multiplier

This modifies the amount of ingredient Foodini pushes through the nozzle while printing.
This modifies the printing speed while printing. 


This modifies the temperature of the capsule that is printing. See also Heating Capsules

Reset Adjustments

Will reset the above 4 settings: (1) Lower/Raise Nozzle, (2) Ingredient Flow Multiplier, (3) Print Speed Multiplier, (4) Temperature

Capsule Home

Will be disabled during printing; It should only be used in case of an error - if the capsule gets stuck and does not return home

Show Center

Will put two laser cross-beams on the print surface so you can easily identify the center of Foodini


Multi-Print is a faster way to print when you are printing multiple prints using one filling and you do not want to return the capsule to the door after each print. Foodini keeps the capsule on top of the test cup; the capsule will not be returned to the bay after each individual print, thus saving time.
Multi-Print must be selected before a print starts printing. This option is not available to select once printing starts.
Only use multi-print when you are using prints that use one/the same filling ingredient.
This feature is NOT for prints that require two or more filling ingredients.
Multi-Print will remain enabled for all prints until you de-select it.

After you enable Multi-Print, close print status, and go to the dish gallery to pick your print. 

You have a few options when multi-print is activated:

Multi-print: Detection

Detection applies for pausing between prints, not when Foodini exchanges a capsule that ran out of ingredient for another capsule. 
Detection ON: will test the capsule filling ingredient every time prior to beginning a print. This is good for things like chocolate that may solidify in the nozzle after time. 
Detection OFF: Foodini will begin the print without testing the capsule filling ingredient. 

Multi-print: Multi-Capsule

Remember to use the same capsule filling ingredient in all capsules.
Multi-capsule OFF: Keep multi-capsule OFF if you are only using one capsule. When the capsule is out of ingredient, Foodini will return it to the capsule bay on the door. 
Multi-capsule ON: If you are doing a lot of prints with all the same capsule filling ingredient, then you can load more than one capsule in Foodini. When one capsule is out of ingredient, Foodini will return the empty capsule to the door and pick up a new capsule. Note that Foodini will do an ingredient test on the new capsule, but will then follow detection as you indicate (previous section.)

Multi-print: Repeat Print

Print the last print you did. 

Multi-print: How to Return the Capsule to the Door

When you want to return the capsule to the door, de-select Multi-Print. Foodini will return the capsule to the door. 

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