Important Safeguards and Notes for Your Safety

Important Safeguards and Notes for Your Safety

Congratulations on having chosen Foodini! Now you are ready to start taking advantage of 3D food printing.

This instruction manual and online support site will familiarize you step-by-step with your new Foodini. Please read it carefully.

Basic safety precautions should always be followed. 


Please refer to the cleaning guide section.


Capsules and capsule holders can be heated and may be hot. Use caution when handling.

Foodini contains a laser system that can project cross-beams on the print surface so you can easily identify the center of Foodini.
Laser radiation: Do not stare into beam. Class 1 laser product. 

Product Servicing

Do not attempt to service this product yourself. Should your Foodini need servicing, please contact the Natural Machines team by:
  1. Create a support ticket at
  2. Email
To facilitate speedy service, please provide:
  1. Your name, email address and/or phone number
  2. The order number or your purchase receipt and the serial number 
  3. A description of the issue/defect, with pictures or video if possible


For the warranty period, please refer to your purchase contract and the Natural Machines Terms and Conditions.

Foodini may only be repaired by the Natural Machines customer service team or an authorised Natural Machines repairer. 

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