Heating Capsules

Heating Capsules

Capsules and capsule holders can be heated and may be hot. Use caution when handling.
You can heat capsules two ways:

1) Use the Heating Capsules settings as described in Advanced User Settings. Settings here can be saved in each recipe for future use. 

2) Use the heating settings available in the Print Status screen: How-to described below. Settings here cannot be saved in a recipe.

Capsule bays can only be heated when a capsule is placed inside with a capsule tag. In the Print Status screen, tap on the capsule number that you want to heat:

Set your target temperature (in Celsius). A temperature set of 0 means the heating temperature is off. 

When the heating is set, you'll see a heating icon (  ) under the capsule number being heated:

The capsule will be heated while printing and while in the bay. It will also continue to heat whether or not Foodini is actively printing. If you don't actively set the temperature back to 0, Foodini will continue heating until you print another dish.

You can also adjust the temperature of the capsule that is actively printing by using the Live Print Adjustments.

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