Foodini Unboxing and Accessory Placement

Foodini Unboxing and Accessory Placement

What's in the Box

What's in the Box? Foodini, of course! You'll also find an accessory box which contains everything you need to start printing - except ingredients.

Accessory Box Contents

Foodini comes with an accessory box, which contains the following:

1. Ø 0.8 mm NOZZLE (x1)
7. KEY (x1)
10. TEST CUP (x1)
2. Ø 1.5 mm NOZZLE (x2)
3. Ø 4.0 mm NOZZLE (x2)
9. DISH (x1)
12. TRAY (x1)

Capsules and capsule holders can be heated and may be hot. Use caution when handling.

Nozzle Sizes

The nozzle size (equivalent to millimetres) is indicated on every nozzle. For example, the Ø15 nozzle is 1.5mm. 


The key is for use only when Foodini is not actively printing!
If you have a power outage or Foodini is off/unplugged and you want to open the door, you can do so without turning Foodini on by using the key. Simply insert the key into the hole on the right hand side of the door, which you'll find at the midway point. 


Please keep all the packaging if you plan on transporting Foodini in the future.  A PDF of the unboxing guide is available at the bottom of the page.

Front of Foodini

Plug Foodini in, and it will automatically turn on and Foodini Creator will appear on the touchscreen. Then you can open the door via the open door button on the front of Foodini. Alternatively, you can open the door via print status, or with the Foodini key (see above for key instructions.)

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