Special Nozzle Height

Special Nozzle Height

Some people want to do certain Foodini prints using Nordson nozzles. Don't know what that is? Don't worry, it's not mandatory to use with Foodini. But for those who do want to use Nordson nozzles, read on to learn how to use them with Foodini.

The special nozzle height setting in print preview is where you will indicate the height of your Nordson nozzle. Please note that printing with Nordson nozzles in Foodini requires a Nordson nozzle adapter from Natural Machines;  write to us  if you would like to enquire about purchasing. 

In essence, the special nozzle height is equal to the total height of the Nordson nozzle.
However, it's always best to get a very accurate measure by  following the  Custom Printing Surface   instructions, at least for the first time you are using Nordson nozzles with your Foodini. There are three differences to note versus the instructions on that page:

1) In Step 1: Insert a Capsule in Bay 1, be sure to have your special nozzle on the capsule. 

2) Only use the Foodini Glass Dish to measure the height of your custom nozzle. 

3) When you determine the measurement, be sure to put the measurement in the special nozzle height box, and NOT in the surface height box.

This is very important as the special nozzle height also indicates to Foodini at what height to correctly do the ingredient test above the test cup, and will avoid hitting the test cup. 

Some commonly used Nordson nozzles:
Nordson Nozzle Type
Starting Value for Foodini
Special Nozzle Height + 2mm buffer
= starting point for custom print surface. 
Follow Custom Printing Surface to fine-tune.
24 + 2 = 26
30 + 2 = 32
31 + 2 = 33
Other nozzle size

Measure with a ruler + 2

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