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How to Create a Filled Shape

Example of printing a round cookie filled with chocolate cream - made up of four shapes. We used our almond cookie dough recipe, but of course, you can use your own recipe with a similar texture.

Shape 1: Create the base
Start a new print. Select + Shape, select clip art, choose the filled circle. Resize it as you want. Assign cookie dough to the circle: Select + Ingredient, select 15 Nozzle and cookie dough. Edit (  ) and increase height to 3 (2 layers),

Shape 2: Create sides
Copy  ) the base. Edit  ) the new circle: select the outline option, assign it position 1. This will be the side of the cookie.

Shape 3: Filling
Copy (  ) the base. Select the copy and assign the ingredient: 15 Nozzle and chocolate cream. Edit  ) this shape and assign it position 1. Select the three shapes and tap align (  ). Select only the filling circle and decrease the size to fit within the sides. Select all shapes and align (  ) again if necessary.

Shape 4: Cover the filling
Copy  ) the base. Select the copy, edit (  ) and assign it position 2. Select all the shapes and tap align (  ).


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